Who We Are

TheTruth Sessions (TTS) is South Londons first and only not for profit creative agency that provides creatives, young people, community organisations and small businesses with the tools they require to build their brands at affordable prices. 

Our services range from photoshoots to workshops and were put in place in order to support the personal and professional growth of individuals.


Since launching in 2016, we have worked closely with young people needing support, entrepreneurs, creatives inspiring to make in the creative industry and community organisations.


We've had the pleasure of supporting some of London's finest underground poets, singers and musicians in taking their passion to the next level along with making the tools they need accessible. 


We strive on breaking down social and economic barriers through the arts, paving the way for the next generation. 


Our focus is to help enhance brands, confidence and skills. We also organise a platform where we encourage creatives to showcase their talent to a live audience.


TTS is dedicated to making positive changes within the creative industry.


"The universe pushes all living things to be magnificent, don't be mediocre in a world that allows all stars to shine" - TheTruthPoet


As a non profit organisation we solely rely on donations and our services. Every donation helps us to get closer to our goal and every booking allows us to provide more for the community. 


So please spread the word and donate as little as £1 if you can.


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Meet The Team

Our Founder and Managing Director

Telixia Inico 'TheTruthPoet' Published author of 'TheNakedTruth'.

Raised in the heart of South London, she takes pride in giving back to her community. 


She's the brains behind the brand with her passion to create opportunities.


Telixia Inico is a leader in her own right that constantly motivates her team and sets a high standard towards achieving the organisations' goals.


Head of Business and Finance

Melisha Mckenzie

Head of Business and Finance. She oversees the day to day operations of the business and is like the 'mother' of the team. Her drive, passion and dedication to help TTS grow is next to none. She is a natural problem solver, bringing energy and euthusiasm to every task.  


Always wanting to learn new skills and tap into her creative side, Melisha is a true asset to TTS.


Head Of Media and Photographer

Lianne Swaby

Head of Media/Photographer

Her witty and bubbly personality keeps our clients engaged and wanting more.

She pushes her boundaries everyday and is always finding new ways to connect with our clients.


Being head of Media allows her to use her great experience in helping push the organisations ’ agenda into being the best in the business.

She is truly a breath of fresh air.


Robyn St.Louis

She has worked on many solo projects and has a portfolio to die for.

Her passion for the art is what makes her work incredible and her drive makes working alongside her a great experience.

Robyn has always pushed herself to be the best she can be.

The effort she puts in with TTS makes her presence one to remember.


She brings fun to the team and no day is the same when Robyn comes out to play.



Cordell Hardware

His bubbly approach to work is what keeps TTS a fun environment. Cordell has worked on varies projects from weddings to music videos.


His portfolio is beyond magnificent and he plays a role that is only fit for him, Cordell is cut from a different cloth.

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